This is the bit where we’re supposed to say our kit makes you run quicker, jump higher, sweat less, sound cool, and look like a model.  Our story is a little different.

Our inspiration

Yes, we like to watch elite sportsmen and women from time to time, but what we live and breathe for is watching our kids play grassroots sports every weekend.  The people we admire the most aren’t the great players on big contracts.  They’re not the great coaches that build elite teams.  They’re the volunteers who make weekends amazing.  We’d make rubbish coaches, so our mission is to provide an excellent service to those that do.

Our Kit

We go to international sports trade fairs in Melbourne and Munich, and sample suppliers from China, Pakistan, India, Eastern Europe, and Italy.  BUT we choose to design and make our playing kit in the UK.  We look after the excellent people that make the kit, so they look after us, and we can give you the best possible kit and service.  Our kit won’t make you run faster, jump higher, or sweat less.  But it will be high quality, great value, and turn up quickly and when we say it will.  Which means you can focus on making the team run faster and leap higher.