Your kit                                                           Your way

We’re proud of our kit and service.  As you can imagine we’re always looking at kits when we’re out and about and when we’re online, and one thing always stands out – even in professionally taken team photos.  It’s always much easier to see the supplier brand than yours.  Club logos are often detailed and rich in heritage whereas supplier brands are designed to be very clear on social media and real life.

Our business has grown from strength to strength because of our branding as people see our kits and enquire about them.  This is great for us.  But we thought maybe it would work for you too – maybe increasing your brand visibility might help you grow your teams and clubs.

You could go down the Juventus route and simplify your crest for the modern era – they’ve done a great job on theirs.  But you might just want to make your brand a little bit more visible.

For those of you that do, we’re offering to replace our GDZ logo with your club name and nickname.  It’ll be the same premium quality kit made in the UK, just with more personalised branding.  You can still opt for GDZ branding – this is about having your kit, your way.