Bespoke design

How do you pick the right design?  Here we’ve done a bespoke design for a team going to South Africa.  You might have expected a safari scene, some of the Big 5 animals or some animal print.  But for this rugby shirt we challenged our amazing design team to imagine if a Springbok fan got hit on the head and woke up thinking they were a Pacific Islander.  We might be biased but we think the result is even better than Faf’s hair.  It’s got:

  • King Protea flower – the national flower of South Africa
  • Bird of Paradise flower – another stunning South African flower
  • Blue Cranes – the national bird of South Africa
  • Silhouette of Table Mountain behind surfer and in front of turtle on back of shirt
  • Turtle – as KwaZulu-Natal has lots of nesting Loggerheads and Leatherbacks
  • Pondo Palm tree
  • Custom tour badge with colours representing South Africa and England
  • Fantastic sunshine, and
  • A penguin – always twists my mind when I think of penguins living in South Africa!

Keeping your brand while having fun

But with a tour shirt it can be tough getting the balance right between keeping your sporting brand and having fun.  With this South African design we’ve created two different versions.  A monochrome version in the club’s colours and a full colour version.  This way we can help the club maintain it’s identity whilst having fun.  And we’ve taken this one step further with our “Mullet” reversible tops.  Why do we call them mullets?  Because on the main side they’re all business with the tour design in club colours.  But it’s a party on the reverse with the full colours on display.


Custom designs for different sections of touring party

If you’ve got different sections in your tour we can customise the kit further.  Here we’ve changed the colourway, edited the badge for a different section, and changed the surfer to a girl for a girls team.  Everything still on brand, but tailored to different sections of your tour party

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