What is Elite sportswear? 

A rugby club contacted us last week with a problem.  The club had kits from an elite sports fashion brand – one of those that supplies major national teams and premiership clubs.  The kits looked elite, but a shipment had been sent which was the wrong size and it was going to take 12+ weeks to get resolved.  Pretty much half a season.  Which is even worse when you’re already nearly half way through the season.  

On Monday they shipped us a kit to replicate.  It did look lovely.  It even had those big cardboard labels in it like you’d see in sports shops.  It was a high quality product by an Elite brand.

Today we’re completing our samples and are shipping them back to the club to arrive on Saturday.  It won’t have retail touches like cardboard labels, but it will be a great quality, hard wearing rugby shirt, turned around in just 3 days.  If selected we’ll reliably turn out kits to their 400+ members with turnarounds of 2-3 weeks.

Elite to us isn’t just about quality and brand, it’s also about elite service.  We’re happy we can match the best on quality.  We know we’re not an A or B List brand name.  But we will provide an elite kit service delivered by UK manufacturing. #manufacturing #branding #rugby #football #sports #eliteservice