Its not easy being a grassroots volunteer!  Coaching the team, organising fixtures, getting refs, cleaning the water bottles, fixing late cancellations, sorting player drop-outs, sorting refreshments, fundraising, sorting the kit.

We’ve listened and we’ve come up with three great ways to help you fundraise for kit.


The first one is a straight up lotto.  We pick the winning ticket when all 40 tickets have been sold.  We will promote the draw to sell the tickets quickly.  Then we design the kit with the winner and make it here in the UK.  Any club, business or individual can enter and win a team kit for whoever they want in any sport.

Club Lotto: 

The second way is a club lotto.  You sell tickets for YOUR kit on the site, and when you’ve sold all tickets, you pull the winners that will be the sponsors on the shirt.  With sublimated kits its possible to put quite a few sponsors on, so its up to the team to decide how many winners there will be.  You can use the club lotto for sublimated team strips, non sublimated kits, or teamwear – whatever you want.

Charity Lotto: 

The 3rd way is a Charity lotto – which can either be run by a charity, or by a team.  For charity lottos we recommend selling more tickets or increasing the ticket price, so the total raised is higher.  Then a team gets a strip (which may have the charity’s logo on it to provide publicity), and there’s money left over for the charity – everyone’s a winner.

Win your time back with our Lotto!

This is all about making it easier for coaches, managers, and volunteers, so that you can spend more of your time doing the things you love, and less of your time on the admin.  Oh, and you’ll look amazing too.

Buy a ticket at or get in touch at to set up your own Lotto.