The Sky+ moment for sports performance management

Performance Tracking – affordable, wearable…and easy to use


This is so easy to use.  Working Sky+ is about the limits of my technical ability, and this is the Sky+ of performance tracking.  Press the only button on the tracker to turn it on.  Exercise.  Plug it into your laptop (its too data rich for Bluetooth).  And look at the information.


But that’s not where the positive comparison to Sky+ ends.  Sky+ wasn’t revolutionary just because it was as easy as falling off a log.  It was revolutionary because it was ground-breakingly useful.  The SPT performance tracker is a ground-breaking revolution for your training and match performances.


How many sprints did you do?  What was your top speed?  What effort zone did you work in?  What was your overall intensity?  Where on the pitch were your sprints?  Where were you walking?  When in the match were you putting the most effort in?  Whether you’re an individual looking to up your own game or a coach looking to develop your team the SPT GPS tracker will enable you to measure performance so you can manage it.


But Sky+ wasn’t just revolutionary because it was easy to use and delivered fantastic capability.  It was revolutionary as it made these features affordable to all.  Elite athletes use GPS tracking because it works.  Now you can use it because its affordable and simple.  It really is the Sky+ of sports performance tracking and at £210 per unit and no monthly charges its exceptional value for what it gives.  Get in touch to buy or arrange a demo.


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