Yorkshire Children of Courage


Please have a look at Yorkshire Children of Courage.  Please share their details.  Please nominate children. Whilst you’re nominating one inspirational child, you’ll also be raising awareness of all the courageous children.  Don’t share this post.  Go to the Children of Courage site/ facebook/ twitter and share their information.


Let’s be clear – there’s nothing unique about Godzown Sports

Godzown Sports is proud to be able to support and fundraise for PACT, the children’s cancer charity at Sheffield Children’s Hospital which is shortlisted for the Charity award.  But there’s nothing unique about us at Godzown Sports – thousands of businesses and millions of people support charities.  And thousands more devote their free time for volunteering for sports coaching and other volunteering activities.  So we’re just like everybody else and just try to do our bit, but we’re posting now to help get people voting.


Why we support PACT

There are two simple reasons we chose to support PACT.  Firstly, in our day job we want to make sport as awesome as possible for as many people as possible.  So this is our opportunity to support those who would LOVE to be well enough to play sport.  Secondly, at Godzown Sports we’ve got kids as well and they’re all fantastically looked after by great volunteer coaches at all their sports.  So we do this on behalf of the coaches who devote their time to kids and adults in sports.

Vote for a charity as well as nominate a child

PACT are one of 3 charities shortlisted for the Charity award.  You know where our vote is going!  Have a look and vote for one of the charities as well as the children.  Please cast a vote to show all charities out there how much we value their fantastic work.


Yours in Sport