Performance Tracking Solution

Fantastic, affordable contact sport player tracking

Stop Guessing and Start Measuring with the SPT Performance Tracking system.  Join professional clubs, amateur clubs, colleges and academies from over 40 countries in enjoying intelligent performance management.

Elite Athletes

Elite athletes already have access to contact sport performance tracking.  These systems enable coaches and players to manage performance to optimise training and review match performance.  They enable coaches and players to tailor training load to reduce chance of fatigue and injury.  Until now though ONLY elite teams and athletes have been able to afford this technology.

Sports Performance Tracking GPS now available to all

SPT offers a new affordable alternative solution, bringing this technology within the range of amateur clubs and colleges.  Here’s what some customers have to say about it…

“As the Strength and Conditioning Coach I need to know how much I can push my players and how to manage load training to prevent injuries. SPT provides feedback on individual player and team performances so I can monitor players and adjust training to meet the objectives of each individual session. For this reason we use SPT GPS to help manage and study the player’s Performances.” Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Rugby Rovigo Delta, Italy;

“The GPS units are used in games during the summer championship. I think that for players it is very motivating to have a parameter of their own development.”  Physical Trainer, CS Herediano FC, Costa Rica; and

“Courtesy of the GPS units, our program has been refined, drills are more specific and now we can manage the players internal loads during the week and on a game day” Strength and Conditioning Coach, Melbourne University Hockey Club.

So what exactly does it do?

The Performance tracking GPS enables measurement of key performance indicators such as:

  • Distance;
  • Speed;
  • Intensity;
  • Sprint efforts;  and
  • Zone efforts

The software provides performance graphs and heatmaps to make it easy to analyse the performance data.  It’s a very simple solution designed to be used by both players and coaches.  Another key feature is its cloud based system that is great for socialising your training and competing against others around the world.  It works great both for team comparisons and for reviewing individual development over time.   Check out a demo at

Performance Tracking

Player Management Graphs

Performance Tracking

Online tracking and analysis

Performance Tracking

Team Comparisons

Is it really affordable and wearable?

At £210 per unit and sized at just 40mm x 60mm x 7mm this robust but light unit can be worn at the top of your back in contact sports.

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Get in touch with us today to find out more and see how you can use intelligent performance tracking to improve player and team performance.  Oh, and we’ll be putting tracker pockets in our premium GDZ range of kits to make it easy to track your match performances.