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Yorkshire International Football Association Logo Yorkshire International Football Association Kit Making Life Easy Whether you're setting up or buying for a grassroots team or an international team, we know its important the kit is just right.  We also know that whilst sportswear is our passion, you've got a lot of other [...]

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Fantastic new teamwear ranges now available!

While many of you have been taking a well earned break, we've been working with manufacturers on a new range of teamwear which we know you'll love.  Whether it's pairing our amazing Skinny Pants with fantastic Mid Layer Tops in a range of team colour accents, or looking for something more traditional, we've got you [...]

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Measure like a Pro with amazing affordable in-game GPS

Jensen and Cameron from Emley Moor ARLFC U11s trying out in-match GPS tracking Affordable in-game GPS Technology is here! Remember back in the day when sports technology like fitness trackers and helmet cameras were only for elite athletes?  We can barely remember those days either, and now the trackers you see Rugby and Football players [...]

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Amazing rugby kits – even better deals

We've got you covered with our fantastic design, great quality kit, excellent service and amazing value. With fitted, semi-fitted, and traditional options and a carefully selected choice of performance fabrics we're confident that our gear will give you the quality, style, and fit you're looking for. Our highly experienced design team will take your brief [...]

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Fantastic Kit Offers

Yorkshire designed and manufactured rugby kits.  £33 children.  £36+vat adults. We are proud to supply great quality Yorkshire kits with a three week turnaround time.  We'll keep in touch throughout from initial request, through design and delivery.  Each kit comes individually packed to make it easy to give out to the team.

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Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards

Yorkshire Children of Courage Please have a look at Yorkshire Children of Courage.  Please share their details.  Please nominate children. Whilst you’re nominating one inspirational child, you’ll also be raising awareness of all the courageous children.  Don’t share this post.  Go to the Children of Courage site/ facebook/ twitter and share their information.   [...]

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We’ve got your smile covered

At Godzown we want to give you the best of everything, and we want to make it affordable.  So we're very pleased to be able to add fantastic OPRO mouthguards to our range at great Godzown Sports prices. Self Fit Self Fit Mouthguards Opro offer a range of mouthguards in junior and adult [...]

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Gamechanging new performance tracking solution

Fantastic, affordable contact sport player tracking Stop Guessing and Start Measuring with the SPT Performance Tracking system.  Join professional clubs, amateur clubs, colleges and academies from over 40 countries in enjoying intelligent performance management. Elite Athletes Elite athletes already have access to contact sport performance tracking.  These systems enable coaches and players to manage [...]

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